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The Wedding Hat Etiquette You Need To Know About

The Wedding Hat Etiquette You Need To Know About-Fascinators Direct

Whether you’re the mother of the bride / groom or a guest, choosing the perfect wedding hat can be a tricky, time-consuming past but if you get it right, you’ve totally nailed that wedding day look and you’ll make a serious fashion statement. As experts at Fascinators Direct, we’re here to offer some of our tips and advice for finding the right headwear and ensuring you stick to hat etiquette. It’s time to get clued up, so keep reading!

wedding hat etiquette

Dress Code

If the bride and groom have set a dress code for their wedding, it’s important that you respect this and stick to it. However, if you’re feeling unsure about the dress code it’s better to ask the couple for a little more detail otherwise, you’ll stick out like a sore thumb at their celebration.

Confidence is Key

If a wedding hat is a little out of your comfort zone, make sure you choose one that you feel comfortable in for the duration of the day or we stock an impressive variety of hair fascinators for weddings which can be worn as an alternative.

Size Guide

Choose a hat that suits your style, shape and height. If you’re tall, opt for a hat with a wider brim, while if you’re shorter, opt for a smaller design. You should also make sure your hat is smaller than the mother of the bride and groom – it’s important within social situations that your hat doesn’t take the attention away from the hosts. The time of day also dictates the size of a wedding hat – mornings are reserved for larger, more elaborate brims while the evenings are designed for smaller, simpler styles.

Traditional Decorations

Traditionally, guests embellish their hats with flowers, feathers and any other decorative accessories on the right-hand side of the hat. Don’t forget, as wedding hats are considered part of your outfit you do not need to remove them when going inside a building, while the man must. If you do decide to remove your hat, ensure that the lining is hidden and instead is held facing towards you. 

Mother of the Bride

Similarly, to waiting for the father of the bride to remove their jacket, ladies must wait until the mother of bride has removed their occasion hat or fascinator until you take yours off. Shop our mother of the bride hats right here with a big choice of colours to find that perfect hat to match with your wedding outfit

If weddings hats are just not for you, have you considered wearing a hatinator instead? Hatinators are similar in size to wedding hats but they can usually been worn with a headband or hair clip just like a fascinator.

Whatever your style choice there are a fair few rules to remember, it’s is equally important that you do not point out any other guests’ faux pas if they make any. After all, they may not have been lucky enough to read our tips and advice!

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